Active Birth Class

Did you know that ACTIVE BIRTH has amazing benefits for you and your baby?

active birth class

1. Shorter labours: Well that’s a win!

2. Less painful and more satisfying birth: Yes! Yes! Even bigger win!

3. Better oxygen flow to your baby: That’s got to be a good thing.

4. Increases partner involvement: Birth is meant to be a real bonding experience to set you up to work as a team for early parenting.

5. Reduces medical intervention: this is particularly important in the second stage where a lot of unnecessary interventions happen.



When you feel comfortable and relaxed, free to move as you wish, happy in your environment and confident in your self and your birth partner your body is able to need to produce all the hormones you need to relax even more, work with your body and baby, manage the pain and really enjoy your birth. #birthasitshouldbe


My Active Birth Class is about giving you an understanding of the process plus some tools so that you can do what feels right for you on the day.

You will learn:

How to optimise the physiological processes of labour, birth, bonding and beyond.

What Active Birth and movement in labour are all about.

How to set up the environment for a better birth.

The importance of the birth partner.

Plus some practical, hands-on techniques and tools that you can use to stay in control of your labour and birth.

These include:

*relaxation and breathing techniques

* acupressure for pregnancy, labour and birth

*massage and effleurage

*rebozo techniques


Next Active Birth Class:

Monday 2nd July

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

Only  $97 per couple

Wellness on Whatley

162 Whatley Cres


[email protected]


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