Birth Professional Training

Looking for ways to enhance your care for birthing women or to improve and revitalize your childbirth education classes?

Childbirth Educator Training


Do you want to know:

  • How adults learn
  • How to engage your participants
  • How to manage group dynamic
  • How to choose meaningful class activities?



 Then you need Birth Savvy’s Birth Folk Training.

Award Winning Childbirth Educator Pip Wynn Owen is now running workshops and seminars in Perth.

She is also teaming up with experts in the field to bring you training days to enhance you practise.

Pip understands what it is like to be “thrown in the deep end” and now wants to help you really connect with your class so you can help them have the best birth possible.

“As a young midwife I was expected to run childbirth education classes  as part of my job description.

I  realized pretty quickly that just because I was a competent midwife, it didn’t mean I was a good educator.

Luckily I found Andrea Robertson at Birth Intentional and went on to do my childbirth educator training.

This dramatically changed the way I facilitated  classes.

I have now been an prenatal and early parenting educator for over 13 years.

I have decided to share my knowledge to help other midwives and childbirth educators be the best educators they can be. ”

Educator Training

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